On Format

I chose to format this project as a website first and foremost to accommodate multiple media types and direct links to original sources, allowing access to the most authentic forms of the information as well as a non-linear structure with levels of organization like tags and categories. Unlike a printed and bound copy, websites can also be constantly updated, edited and expanded on with comments, tying into the unfinished model of epistemic research practice.

Site Navigation:
Introduction, Conclusion, and “Cover Page” are available through the top menus.
Blog posts are organized into categories visible on the sidebar, classified into Media or art as well as by individual source.

Formatting Key:

My annotations appear in this format, whereas passages taken from other sources…

…appear in block quotes like this, with occasional bolded passages to highlight important phrases.’

Footnotes appear with a superscripted number like this¹.


¹which matches to the footnoted text below.